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360 Discovery cruises

New timetable for Gulf Harbour
16th July 2014

Ferry services to and from Gulf Harbour are to be boosted with the number of daily sailings going from four to 12....more.

Kokako Recovery Group welcomes a Special Chick 'Discovery'
17th March 2014

The Kokako Recovery Group selected Tiritiri Matangi Island as the site to hold and encourage breeding of the last Kokako carrying the rare Taranaki genes. In 1997 a small number of closely related birds were introduced to the Island...more.

Auckland Zoo and Rotoroa Island
29th October 2013

Read about Rotoroa Island's partnership with Auckland Zoo...more.

Rotoroa has re-opened!
4th November 2013

Rotoroa Island re-opened this Labour Weekend after completing a major pest eradication project....more.

Its all sunshine on Tiritiri Matangi
24th July 2013

The sun is always shining on Tiritiri Matangi! Well, that’s what the locals are saying...more.