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360 Discovery TEXT alert SERVICE

Stay informed about delays, cancellations, timetable changes and extra sailings by joining our text alert service.


It's easy! Simply email your full name, mobile phone number and service you wish to subscribe to here: (Available for Gulf Harbour, Beach Haven and Hobsonville ferry services).


What is the 360 Discovery Text Alert Service for?

The purpose of the service is to allow us to communicate more effectively with you about any changes to your ferry service. This could be a cancelled service, delays due to weather/fog, or replacement buses.

Will joining the text service cost me anything?

Joining the service is FREE. If you send a text to unsubscribe, or reply to any of our text messages it will cost you 20c. All texts you may receive are paid for by 360 Discovery.

What time will messages be sent out?

This will depend on the message. Our aim is to give you as much warning as possible, depending on the circumstances. Please be aware that receipt of text messages is dependent on telecommunications network availability.

Does the service work on any mobile phone?

Any phone that is registered with either Telecom, Vodafone or 2Degrees.

Do you share my details with any other party?

No. Your details are all confidential and held in a secure database. We will not share them with anyone else.



What if I need help or have any questions?

You can call 09 307 8005 during standard business hours, 7 days a week, and our call centre staff will be happy to help you.



How do I unsubscribe?

You can email with your name and mobile number and let us know that you wish to unsubscribe from the text alert service and we will delete your number from the database. Alternatively you can reply 'PLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE ME' to one of our text messages and unsubscribe (reply text will cost you 20 cents).


1. This service is on a “best effort” basis. At times we may not be able to get alerts out as quickly as we would like, due to late breakdowns etc. We will do our best to keep you aware of changes and cancellations as far in advance as possible.

2. It costs 20 cents to send a reply (this is charged to your mobile phone bill, like any other text). Receipt of all text messages are free.

3. Receipt of messages is dependent on telecommunications and network availability. Sometimes messages do not arrive at the right time due to network coverage. 360 Discovery cannot be responsible for late receipt of messages for this reason.

4. 360 Discovery will not give out any of your details you provide. Your contact details are only used to communicate with you for this service. Other details are only used to ensure you get the messages relating to your regular crossing services.