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Travel Notices

To our valued customers

Monday 22nd September

To our valued customers,

360 Discovery would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge that some of the recent travel experiences have not been aligned to expectations and for this we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience or discomfort. We are committed to running a reliable and comfortable experience; however, some recent circumstances have required us to call on your support and patience through this challenging time.

Throughout 2014, our sister company Fullers, were tasked with a very busy survey (warrant of fitness) schedule with over half of their fleet due for full cycle survey inspections.  Survey season is usually completed during winter to minimise impact. Due to a number of unprecedented incidents and weather related events over the last few months that left debris in the harbour, several Fullers vessels have sustained damage to both hulls and propellers.

To protect the safety of customers and staff they have sought repairs immediately. Like any business that operates a large number of services and vessels such as ours, we expect to experience some mechanical challenges from time to time but these incidents, coupled with the survey programme have impacted simultaneously causing the unforeseen shortage of their vessels.  

We have been called upon to help our sister company fill in some of the gaps with our vessels and in turn, we have called upon Belaire Ferries to support us by assisting with some services.

We expect to see our services return to normal mid October. We would like to thank you for your continued patience and support as we work through this period.

Regards Jimbo (James) Bailey, Manager 360 Discovery